Your obligations as an employer

You are your own boss.  But would you also like to be a boss to others?  If so, there are certain employer obligations you need to fulfil. 

  • Paying the social contribution for you and your employees
    This is how you guarantee yourself and your staff important benefits, such as pensions and payments in the case of illness.
  • Enrolment with a Child Benefit Fund
    Ensure your employees are paid their child benefits on time.
  • Enrolment with Workplace Accident Insurance
    So you don’t need to pay for the costs of a workplace accident.  
  • Compliance with Health and Safety legislation
    Guarantees for a safe and pleasant work environment – with better performances as a consequence.
  • Social Risk Insurance
    How to insure your staff members against  the risk of industrial accidents.

Obligations as an employer from the start

Do you comply with the basic employer obligations?  Then you can put your employees to work without any stress or worries.  During their appointments, think about the recruitment formalities and your induction policy.  Because the development of the social documents, such as the Labour Regulations, and a high quality induction are also employer obligations.

Securex guides you through the regulations

Being a boss?  It’s not something which happens by itself.  There are legal obligations for employers and there are rules to be followed. 

Are you afraid of getting lost in the administrative fog?  Knock on our door.  At Securex, our experienced experts will ensure that you fulfil all requirements relating to your business.