Performance Evaluation: initiation of your employees

Have your new employees already been working for you for a few months? Then they are no longer the novices they once were. It’s high time to lay down your evaluation of them: did you make the right choice in the recruitment stage?  

Yes? Then a Performance Evaluation is the right way to let them know. And to sound out their opinions, or any concerns which might be lingering.

Preparing the Performance Evaluation

A Performance Evaluation is not something to rush into. Take your time and carefully prepare it:

  • Make an appointment with the staff member and let them know immediately why you wish to have the discussion: to keep the balance after a number of months of working together
  • Think about the content of the talk and the structure. It gives you the chance to gather any elements and details you may be missing
  • Choose an appropriate, peaceful place where you can talk without interruption

Structure of the Performance Evaluation

A successful Performance Evaluation? It’s one that runs smoothly:

  • Start with the goals of the discussion, just as you did when you made an appointment for the Performance Evaluation.
  • Run over the subjects to be discussed:
    • The employee’s perspective of the function, the working conditions, the atmosphere and teamwork in the workplace, the relationship with the manager;
    • The opinion of the employee about the performance, behaviour and involvement of the employee.
  • Discuss any difficulties and their solutions. And make time for questions from the employee; 
  • Set targets for the following months and start the development plan;

Close the meeting and immediately set the date for the follow-up.

Techniques for the Performance Evaluation

A high quality discussion?  All it needs are a few simple discussion techniques:

  • Listen actively to each other: let everyone speak and respect all opinions – even if they stray from your vision;
  • Ask open questions and always ask when there are uncertainties;
  • Re-formulate what your staff member has said.  This allows you to confirm whether you have understood what they said. 

End of the induction period. Start of the collaboration.

How is the collaboration going and how can it be improved? These questions need to be answered in the Performance Evaluation. It is not so much about evaluation as about the situation after an extensive induction, with aims to build a sustainable, successful working relationship.