Your induction policy: the basis of the collaboration

The secret of a long, happy collaboration is a smooth beginning.  A beginning where you immediately lay out all goals and expectations. 

Did you immediately agree on everything?  Then all you have to do is live up to your part of the agreement.  You’re right: a sensible induction policy does wonders!

Checklist for a sensible induction policy

Is the first work day dawning?  Then it sounds like it’s time to bring out your induction policy.  Your first act: a warm welcoming – from the existing colleagues too!

After the exchange of names, the allocation of a desk and the tour of the workplace, you handle the administrative side of the business – or worse: you forget it.

This is why Securex lists the most important features of the induction policy for you:

  • You ask the employee for:
    • a signed copy of the Employment Contract
    • a copy of their identity card and SIS card;
    • their banking details;
    • information about the transport methods to work and the distance from their home to the workplace;
    • information about the family situation and dependents;
    • any vacation certificate attests from the previous employer;
    • diplomas and CV – if necessary.
  • You perform these tasks:
    • DIMONA Declaration and enrolment with the Social Secretary;
    • Report to the different insurers;
    • Enrol in the personnel register;
    • Deliver and sign the labour regulations;
    • Make passwords, an e-mail address and internal telephone numbers;
    • Order business cards and possibly a mobile phone, laptop and fuel card.