A professional induction for your new employees

The selection procedure is done.  The perfect employee found.  And the employment contract and the labour regulations are rolling off the printer.  Finished?  On the contrary, you’re only just beginning!

You don’t want to just recruit personnel, you want to keep them.  Offer a warm welcome and a professional induction to your new employees.

Induction of new employees: required and useful

Recruiting someone?  You’re not doing it for nothing.  You are looking to build up a long working relationship.  And of course, this starts with the extended induction of new employees.  Not just because it is legally required, but especially because of the collaborative benefits:

  • The employee feels welcome and the integration runs more smoothly and quickly;
  • The employee knows the targets, expectations and priorities;
  • The employer is sure that thy employee has access to all means and knowledge necessary for a targeted start;
  • As from Day One, the employer builds a transparent relationship with staff members.

Securex welcomes your personnel

The induction of new employees, beginning with the signing of the contract, reaches its climax immediately before, or on the first working day, and runs through to the Performance Evaluation a few months later.

A long, important period where Securex is glad to guide you – via a checklist, a series of induction tips, or with personal advice from your Social Secretary.