The obligation to establish labour regulations

Is the signature on the employment contract?  Then agreements have been set in regards to wages, the working hours and the function.  How do these agreements come into effect in practice?  Your employee can find all the answers in the labour regulations.

Every employer is obliged to establish labour regulations and to work by them – as soon as they have even one employee in service.  Even foreign employers need to do this for their Belgian personnel.

Required in the labour regulations

The labour regulations set out the rights and duties of the employee and employer.  Besides the details of the business, these matters are required to be addressed in the labour regulations:

  • Hours of work; rosters, annual vacations and information about holiday requests and how they are awarded;
  • Criteria stipulating wages and the manner and timing in which they are paid;
  • Notice periods and emergency reasons for immediate dismissal;
  • Rights and duties of the supervisory personnel;
  • Contact details of the Company Board, the First Aid Officer, doctors in case of a workplace accidents, the committee for Prevention and Protection in the Workplace  the Union Representation, and the inspection services qualified for the protection of the employees;
  • Reports of any collective employment contracts and agreements made in relation to the workplace conditions. 

Did you include other stipulations?  Although these are not legally required to appear in the labour regulations, they are legally binding in nature.

Published and distributed

Published and distributed?  That is not enough.  You don’t just need to provide a copy to every employee.  The labour regulations also need to be available at every work location – even the temporary ones. 

Besides this, you need to take the time to clarify the labour regulations for new employees.  Afterwards, you both sign a statement confirming that you have done so.  The internal prevention advisor will store all these signed confirmations. 

Securex points out your obligations

Are you certain that you have entered everything that is required into the labour regulations? The Securex professionals will guide you through all your legal requirements.  So you and your new employee are completely ready for a transparent collaboration.