Writing an employment contract

Good agreements make good friends – especially in the business world.  Are you going to take the plunge with a new employee?  Then writing an employment contract is the first thing you want to do.

But how do you begin?  And what needs to be in there?  Securex will put you on the right path.

Why write an employment contract?

Closing an employment agreement with someone?  Then you are counting on them to perform a series of tasks.  And in exchange, the employee expects a certain form of employment security and a wage.  In an employment contract, you set down your promises to each other in black and white.

Important entries in your contract

An employment contract is not a task which you approach lightly.  It is not just full of legal entries; the document serves as the foundation for your future collaboration.  

A reliable contract is sure to include:

  • identity details of both parties;
  • the commencement date of the agreement;
  • workplace and roster;
  • the function and related obligations;
  • the duration of the agreement: for unlimited time, until a specific end date, or until the conclusion of a certain task or project;
  • the wage and other benefits;
  • the manner in which the contract will conclude and any termination fees or fines;
  • additional specifications, such as confidentiality agreements or competition clauses.

Sign in peace

Is the last letter on paper?  Print at least two copies – one for you and one for the employee.  They need to be signed, at the latest, at the moment duties are commenced.  So you can start your collaboration in complete peace and confidence.

Let Securex write your employment contracts

Need an employment contract? The Securex specialists guarantee a legally correct text.  And they inform you about additional clauses that are valid for your business or activities. 

This is how Securex writes an indisputable employment contract.