Report a new worker with the DIMONA Declaration

A new staff member comes with new administration: internal papers, like the Labour Regulations.  There is also documentation for external services, such as the Declaration of Employment required by the National Office for Social Security (NOSS).  In Belgium, this is most commonly referred to as the DIMONA Declaration. 

DIMONA Declaration is required

Are you taking on a new staff member, or is there someone finishing their services with you?  Then you need to inform the National Office for Social Security. 

But let’s begin at the beginning: the Declaration of Employment, also known as the DIMONA Declaration.  This is required – whether the new employee is currently subject to social security or not.  This means it even applies for students who are employed.  You provide this declaration on the first workday at the latest.

The course of the DIMONA Declaration

The first step for a DIMONA Declaration: reporting the recruitment.  You can do this online, by fax or with the help of your Securex Client Advisor.  The DIMONA Declaration includes: 

  • details of the employer and the employee;
  • the employer’s NOSS registration number;
  • the employee’s NOSS identification number;
  • the national number of the employee;
  • the authorised paritair comité.

After no more than ten days, the NOSS will send you a confirmation with your DIMONA Code [- or OAT Code].  Errors need to be reported within five working days, otherwise the Declaration becomes definitive.

Securex guides

The best manner to inform the NOSS is via the electronic DIMONA Declaration. This is the fastest manner and you are certain that your Declaration fully conforms to legal requirements.  

Securex is always there to make the process easier for you.  You can rest assured that everything will run according to the book.  Securex will support you with:

  • Unique HR platform
    With HR Online, you manage personal details, work out wages and pay them.  And you can take care of your DIMONA Declaration.  Because the details that you input via HR Online ensure correct reporting to the NOSS.
  • Experienced advisors
    Your Client Advisor knows your personnel dossier through and through, to ensure that it conforms to all legal requirements, and, of course, that all your details relating to the DIMONA Declaration and the Child Benefit Fund are 100% correct.