Recruiting employees: to do’s

Whether you are becoming an employer for the first time, or are already a seasoned boss: recruiting an employee always runs the same way.  During the recruitment procedure, you take different, but obligatory administrative steps – essential for a successful collaboration.

From contract to declaration

Do you see the stand-out performer among the different candidates? Then it’s time for action: it’s employee recruitment time! And that comes with a series of formalities: 

Besides this there are the legal obligations you need to fulfil before and after recruitment.

Help with recruiting an employee

Would you like to recruit an employee? It will take a mountain of paperwork. Apart from the required social documents (employment contract and the workplace agreements), you will need to prove you comply with social legislation. Unfortunately, this paperwork is also complex and time-consuming.

Save yourself the trouble and hand the formalities over to Securex.

  • Quick and accurate processing Securex will find the way through the administrative maze without a problem and ensure all declarations and financial transactions are completed and filed in a timely manner.
  • Transparent working methods You maintain complete control at every moment. Questions about the course of business? Your Client Advisor knows your file down to the minor details and clarifies all uncertainties immediately. Furthermore: they proactively keep you up to date.

So you can already begin to think about the recruitment of the next employee...