Obligations surrounding the recruitment of staff

Your client numbers are growing.  You are receiving more work.  And your turnover is climbing.  It goes without saying that your staff numbers also grow.  But recruiting personnel also brings a great deal of administration with it – there are certain legally required steps you will need to take.

Make them as quickly and effortlessly as possible?  Securex takes you by the hand – from the job advertisment and the recruitment forms to the induction.

Personnel recruitment: a shopping list

Personnel recruitment? It’s not as simple as you might hope.  Before you become an employer, you need to fulfil certain legal obligations:

Arranged?  Then you can move on to the order of the day: recruiting personnel.  

And even with the recruitment, there are a series of forms which need to be looked into:

  • Making up employment contracts and workplace practices and labour regulations;
  • Reporting to the Social Secretary and the NOSS, via DIMONA declaration.

Recruiting personnel: specialist work

There’s no such thing as a pause button when you’re running your own business.  The recruitment of personnel comes on top of your daily tasks.  And they still need to be performed as carefully and thoroughly as ever before.

The many legal obligations make personnel recruitment work that is best suited to specialists.  So don’t gamble: let Securex take on all the formalities.  So your personnel recruitment will not cause you any stress, worries or extra work.