Declare a workplace accident online

With a workplace accident, besides the damage and the costs, there is also a considerable administrative workload to think about.  Securex keeps this to a minimum with the free ASR AO tool.

Ask for your login and password as a client or as a Securex partner.  And report the workplace accident online, quickly and easily.

Benefits of a digital declaration

  • With a workplace accident, besides the damages and costs, you also need to face endless amounts of administrative running around.  Securex limits this with the free ASR AO tool.
  • You declare the workplace accident – wherever and whenever, 24/7.
  • You are sure that all the necessary details are correctly transmitted.  
  • You benefit from speedy processing and a quick follow-up by your insurer.
  • You don’t have to fill in any salary or employment details.  Securex knows them if you are a client with our Social Secretary.
  • Your request for investigation in the event of serious accidents is automatically submitted to the Securex Prevention and Protection service as a feature of your membership.
  • You can let someone else fill in the pay data.  For this, you just need to ask for an extra password.


Intelligent ASR AO functions

  • Interim data recording:
    You are interrupted while filling in the declaration... but it’s not a problem; because you can pick up where you left off: the details are saved for you.
  • Simplified declaration:
    An accident resulting in an inability to work for no more than four days?  And your employee is already back at work when you are filling in the declaration?  The ASR AO e-tool will direct you to a shorter, more simplified declaration. 
  • Consultation status:
    You can keep an eye on the status of the declaration.  At the end of the process, you receive by email an overview in a PDF file.  Your guarantee that the declaration has been sent correctly. 
  • Limited severity:
    A simulation tells you whether an accident is serious and what your obligations are.  With the actual declaration for the accident, the severity and obligations are also reported. 
  • Efficient information streaming:
    All important information automatically makes its way to your insurer.  With the e-tool, you also report the Return to Work details and are able to transfer the guaranteed wages.  

Do you need more information on the online declaration?  Read more about it906F005 or contact your Client Advisor.