Declare Social Risk Workplace Accidents online

Has your employee had an accident in the workplace or on the way there?  If he is temporarily unable to perform at work, it changes his social status.  You need to declare this ‘social risk to Social Security so your employee can receive a pay-out. 

Securex removes the administrative hassle.  And for the declaration of Social Risk Workplace Accidents, they present you with the ASR AO Online Tool: efficient, simple and fast.

  • You make the declaration online, after which it automatically makes its way to the NOSS via Securex;
  • The NOSS reports the reception of the declaration to Securex and checks it.  And if there are errors?  Securex will immediately put everything in order;
  • The NOSS sends the declaration to the Fund for Industrial Accidents (FIA);
  • The FIA then sends the declaration to the appropriate insurance fund.

Declare a workplace accident online?  Ask for your login name and password as a client or as a partner of SecurexAnd click here to learn how it all works.