Calculate your pay costs online

The pay costs take a big bite out of your budget.  Your need to check them closely to keep your expenses under control.  That’s why Securex offers you a convenient online tool to calculate your pay costs. 

The benefits: 

  • You access the most up-to-date details for 250 direction committees;
  • You find all information and calculations online – wherever and whenever you need them;
  • You can quickly integrate complementary calculations, extra-legal benefits, target group reductions, etc.;
  • You are certain that the calculations follow the most up-to-date legal stipulations;
  • You can print off the results immediately.


As an employee or an employer, you can perform a SWIFT gross-net calculation thanks to our brand new simulation tool by means of the following Link.


People who still like to process the simulation the old way, can use the following link to this effect: The gross-net calculation of Securex easily converts the gross pay in net and reversely.