Lex4You: legal information online

The socio-legal requirements that are valid for your company?  It’s impossible for you to know them all; it takes too much time and there is far too much to research.  This is why Securex has collected all the socio-legal news and information for you – on Lex4You. 

The Lex4You online database offers:

  • news: all socio-legal news since 2003, activity calendars, important addresses and links;
  • info+: useful information about social and fiscal legislation, support measures, sector details, employment agreements, etc.;
  • rates and amounts: current information on the rates of your Joint Committee(s);
  • standard documents: letters, contracts, forms, etc.

Learn about the latest social news on Lex4You.

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  • Enterprise Basic, for all information on your Joint Committee;
  • Enterprise Professional, for information about five Joint Committees as chosen by you;
  • Enterprise Advances, for an overview of all Joint Committees.

Extra for members?  The weekly newsletter FlasHR, with an update of social legislation, plus the monthly FlasHR, with an overview of rates from the selected Joint Committee.