Help with your DIMONA declaration

A new employee and the DIMONA declaration: an inseparable duo.  You use it to report any new recruitment to the NOSS.  And later, you use it to announce the conclusion of employment. 

Securex makes it as simple as possible – with the DIMONA web tool.  This electronic declaration is not just the fastest - it also ensures you meet all legal requirements.  Moreover, you can keep a close eye on the status of your declaration. 

Due for a DIMONA declaration?

  • Request your login and password for the online tool.  You will receive them within a few work days.   
  • For an urgent or exceptional declaration, call the Securex Call Centre on 0903 99 217.  Give all the necessary details and they will immediately take care of it for you.  
  • For a special declaration, such as for extra and casual staff, fax the necessary documents to 0703 51 100:

Extra questions?  Contact your Client Advisor.  He follows up on your file meticulously, so you can be sure he is always well informed, up to date and ready to answer your questions.