Our advice. Your personnel selection

Your company is growing.  As is the number of employees. Good news… Although it brings a lot of extra work with it: you need to select and recruit the new staff members.

Aside from the responsibilities of the Business Manager, are you ready to fill the role of Personnel Director? Take on a helping hand during the induction process.  Even with the support of an internal HR department, back-up is always welcome.

A helping hand for your all HR needs

The Securex HR Coaches are the ideal back-up for any key elements in your HR procedures.  As sounding boards or as fully-fledged assistants.  And for advice on the selection of new staff members. They can help you with:

  • experience in selection and recruitment;
  • tips for job descriptions;
  • explanations in induction procedures for new staff members;
  • guidance in interviews;
  • etc.

Advantages of the HR Coach

  • You can rely on experience
    The advice from the HR Coach is interspersed with experiences from diverse HR domains, different types of companies and sectors.
  • You benefit from a complete approach
    The HR Coach works closely with your trusted Client Advisor.  So all your file details are immediately available.
  • You receive tailor-made advice
    The HR Coach adopts your perspective: their advice is based on an exploratory interview and your employment dossier from the Social Secretary. 
  • You start with a bang
    Expertise, professionalism and collaboration between you and the Social Secretary?  It quickly delivers useful HR solutions. 

Ask for advice on the selection of personnel

Advice on the selection of personnel?  The HR Coach provides you with all the information you need to make the right decision.

Discover how Securex HR Coaches can strengthen your personnel department: Let Securex take the entire selection process off your hands or contact Securex now.