Important steps in recruitment and selection

Your business is only as strong as its weakest link. And so you recruit driven personnel, who shine with experience, knowledge or the perfect approach.
As rare as hen’s teeth, you will only find them with thorough recruitment and selection.

Recruitment and selection: a structured process

Successful selection and recruitment? It is almost a science. A structured induction process, where every step counts:

  • Concrete profile and job description
  • Strategic searches: from (online) advertisements and your network, to interim and selection offices, with an eye out for trainees and earlier applicants
  • Measurable and observable selection: based on CVs, tests and interviews
  • Clear induction procedures and training trajectory

The interview: the basis of your working relationship

What your candidates can do is not all that’s important. Their personalities, interests and values are critical matters in recruitment and selection, because you are soon going to be building a work relationship.

Turn your candidates inside out and upside down during a well prepared interview. Don’t just take their CVs and test results into account. Pay attention to:

  • the link between their character and your business image
  • their social skills and general competencies: reliability, long-term plans, ability to cope with stress, independence, flexibility, and overall availability, etc.
  • hidden potential: autonomy, feel for initiative, curiosity, etc.

Help with your recruitment and selection

Expand your team with an indispensable work force? Securex helps you with recruitment and selection our experts surround you with reliable advice, or with specific help at any step along the way.

This is how your structured search results in the strengthening of your team.