Writing a job description

The workload proves it: you need a new workforce. The search for the extra pair of hands starts with the writing of a job description. This is where you specify who you are looking for and what they need to be able to do.

How do you put all your wishes in one brief description? Ask the Securex HR Coach!

Together for a successful collaboration

The HR Coach leads you and your new workforce to a successful collaboration. The very first step? Advising you on writing a job description.

You receive information about:

  • content: describing the function and department, specifying tasks and goals, differentiating between knowledge and competencies
  • language: clear and direct, using active verbs in the present
  • construction: logical and clearly summarised
  • traps: the differences between functions as they appear on paper and are in reality

Advantages of the HR Coach

You can rely on experience

The advice from the HR Coach is interspersed with experiences from diverse HR domains, different types of companies and sectors.

You benefit from a complete approach
The HR Coach works closely together with your trusted Client Advisor. So all your file details are immediately available.

You receive tailor-made advice The HR Coach adopts your perspective: their advice is based on an exploratory interview and your employment dossier from the Social Secretary. 

You start with a bangExpertise, professionalism and collaboration between you and the Social Secretary? It quickly delivers the useful HR solutions you are looking for.

Advice in writing your job description

Help with writing your job description? The HR Coach fires the essential questions at you and, together with you, builds the answers into a clear, direct job description.

Discover how it leads to the perfect candidate: get in contact with Securex.