To get the ball rolling: the job description

The ideal staff members? They are not going to be served to you on a platter. You have to go looking for them. You start this search by putting a job description together. And with this you lay the foundations for a successful collaboration.

Clear job description. Focused search.

Define the expectations and goals of your new staff member in advance. It allows you to limit your search to people who can meet your expectations, helping you to avoid disappointment. It also saves you from pointlessly investing time into the wrong applicants.

Make sure that the job description is clear, concrete and as complete as possible. Make sure to include:

  • the place the function finds in the company organogram
  • a clear description of tasks
  • the profile being sought: knowledge, education, experience, abilities and competencies

For now… and later

With a thorough job description, you save valuable time in candidate interviews. And you are certain to get the best possible candidates. But a job description also proves its value after recruitment:

  • the employee knows the expectations and responsibilities of the position
  • the employer can refer to it in evaluations, development plans and wage negotiations

Advice on your job description

A job description is an instrument you can’t do without during your selection and recruitment process. Securex is happy to help you with it with tailor-made advice from our HR Coaches.

Together with Securex, you can launch your search for the perfect employee.