Before you recruit personnel

The right person for the right job: a cliché. But one that hits the nail on the head. Because the power of your company lies in the skills of your employees.

That’s why you don’t sign off on important collaborative contracts with the first applicant you see. Before you recruit personnel, run through recruiting and selection procedures.

From job description to recruitment

Your enterprise is a well-oiled machine, where any new employees needs to be cogs that fit perfectly. Guarantee yourself seamless integration before you recruit personnel – with meticulous preparation: 

  • Start with the job description and specify the desired candidate profile;
  • Detail the job conditions, such as the working hours and the remuneration;
  • Work everything into the job description and clearly define your search for candidates;
  • Prepare the selection interview, based on the CV of the candidates and the profile and job descriptions.

Successful personnel recruitment

Recruiting personnel without a well thought-out screening process?  That leads to disappointment – for you, and for the staff member.

Don’t make mistakes!  Securex guides you in the selection process.
Then you’ll see the difference it makes when you have the right person for the right job.