On the road to success with personnel recruitment

As a driven entrepreneur, you have your sights firmly set on the future.  And that promises a strong company, with a lot of assignments, more turnover… and more hands to take care of the work.

Is your business growing?  Then you’re facing a new challenge: personnel recruitment. It’s how you secure the future of your SME – together with a motivated team.

Search before personnel recruitment

The path your enterprise needs to follow? You have outlined it completely. And you know all too well with whom you want to be travelling: enthusiastic, talented staff members.

But you need to find the members of your workforce before you start recruiting them. The search follows a step-by-step recruiting and selection procedure. With a job description. This puts not just your search on track, but also your later collaboration.

Formalities with personnel recruitment

A new workforce comes together with a mountain of administration. Because there are certain legal obligations that come with personnel recruitment: from the enrolment in the National Office for Social Security, to the development of labour regulations and the need for Workplace Accident Insurance.

It’s a heavy administrative load. The good news? You don’t need to bear it. Securex is glad to take over any – or every – one of these tasks.

After the personnel recruitment

Full speed ahead for your company? Then you need to invest – in your business, in your client portfolio and in strong team players.

Backed by talented staff members, you are headed to a successful future at a comfortable speed. Investing remains the magic word – long after the personnel recruitment. Because it’s when you need to focus on well thought-out staff management, that is aimed at developing and motivating. Or, you let Securex take care of it for you!