Outplacement: advice for a new beginning

Sometimes dismissal is the only option, even though you are committed to your staff members: you hope they find new, professional challenges in positions perfectly suited to them.

You help them with this via your outplacement program.  This is the provision of service and advice that you offer to dismissed employees.  The goal?  To help them process the dismissal and to quickly lead them to new jobs.

Outplacement: sometimes required, always recommended

Outplacement is required for employees who are more than 45 years old, who have been working with you for more than one year and who are dismissed without circumstances requiring urgent dismissal.  For at least fifteen days after the conclusion of their contracts, you provide them with an outplacement offer.  You need to assist them for at least 60 hours, spread across a year.

This means outplacement is always a good idea – even for younger staff members.  Do you provide them with an outplacement policy?  Because it shows that you are committed to your employees and that you meet your responsibilities.  It creates a positive image – both inside and outside your company. 

Securex organises the outplacement

The consultants at Securex are happy to assist you with all your outplacement needs.  They provide advice at every step of the dismissal process.  Because outplacement is not just about finding a new job.  The service we provide focuses on:

  • psychological support;
  • development of a personal balance and career orientation;
  • workshops based on searching for appropriate jobs;
  • preparation for selection interviews and wage negotiations;
  • guidance to assist integration into a new work environment;
  • support of independent candidates;

logistical and administrative support with applications. 

Experienced specialists guarantee success

The outplacement team at Securex consists of HR Specialists with a thorough knowledge of the labour market.  They offer: 

  • varying formulas and modular programs that you compile yourself;
  • help with administration;
  • an expanded syllabus for participants;
  • a practice interview with an experienced recruiter, including feedback;
  • a separate outplacement office, complete with a computer, Internet, telephone and more;
  • socio-legal advice.

Every year, this professional guidance successfully leads hundreds of former employees back to the labour market.  The Certo certification further demonstrates the high standard of service.  High quality services you can’t do without.