Dismissal of your employee

You are all too happy to have motivated employees connected to your company.  But sometimes there are reasons which make the dismissal of employees unavoidable.  Or maybe the request for dismissal comes from your employees themselves.

Notice period after the dismissal of your employee

A period of notice is connected to the dismissal of your employee.  This is a legal requirement and depends on the labour contract, the length of time the employee has been in service and his/her salary. 

No period of notice with the dismissal of an employee?  It’s possible, in two cases: 

  • Did you dismiss your employee without urgent reasons?  Then you make a severance payment.  This is equivalent to the wages of the notice period, supplemented with any benefits acquired over the course of the employment;
  • Did you mutually agree to conclude the employment?  Then a period of notice and benefits are not necessary.  You stipulate the period of time after which the collaboration will stop.

Formalities with the dismissal of your employee

Whatever the reason for the dismissal of your employee may be, you can always expect there to be administrative formalities.  You need to provide your terminated employee with: 

  • a settlement of wages;
  • certificate of dismissal (C4);
  • employment reference;
  • proof of payment for accrued holiday pay.

The Securex specialists guide you through all documents that relate to the dismissal of an employee, and ensure that your paperwork is correct, down to even the smallest details.

After the dismissal? A new start!

The termination of employment: it’s not to be taken lightly.  As an employer, you realise that you don’t just need to support your staff members during their employment with you, but afterwards as well.  Thanks to your carefully conceived outplacement policy, you can quickly get your dismissed employees back to work elsewhere.  As such, the end of an employment contract in your company is not the end of an employee’s career.

Securex gives advice

Securex is happy to advise you on all legal conditions relating to the dismissal of your employee, and helps with your supportive outplacement policy.  Ask our specialists for their insights.