Securex, your one-stop shop for HR

All the HR services your SME needs, combined under one roof

As an employer, you are often faced with complex HR matters. Even if you run a small or medium-sized enterprise, you usually need more than simple personnel and payroll management. In addition, following through all these aspects is extremely time-consuming and very complicated.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we bring all the HR services together under one roof. Each of those services can be accessed through an appointed contact person. In other words, a one-stop shop designed to meet your specific needs. In this way we make life easier for our clients.

The 6 mainstays of our one-stop shop for HR

Personnel and payroll management

Defining a clear personnel and pay policy takes time and work. With comfoHRt, Securex offers you a single global solution for comfortable and worry-free personnel management. We simplify your administration and, above all, work digitally.

More information on comfoHRt.

Prevention and Protection

Do you strive to create an ideal working environment and a safe work place and want to ensure that your workers are motivated? Our external service for prevention and protection at work ensures optimum health and safety in your workplace. In addition, we work out a sustainable well-being policy with you. In this way, your employees stay in good health, are able to work in complete safety, are motivated and stay with the business for longer.

More info on our approach to well-being at work.

HR Training

We offer you a whole range of training courses on the most varied HR subjects.

More information on HR training.


As an employer, you are obliged to insure your employees. Our accidents at work insurance options are the ideal solution. In addition, we offer you insurance products to protect your business and yourself as head of the company.

Take a look at our insurance products for SMEs.


Are you managing absenteeism effectively? Securex offers you specific solutions for short and long-term absences.

Take a look at our solutions to absenteeism.

Child benefits Fund

When we say that Securex is your one-stop shop for everything related to HR, we genuinely mean ‘everything’.

More info on child benefits.

Here’s why SMEs prefer Securex as their HR partner:

  • At Securex, you will find all the HR services that SMEs need, brought together under one roof
  • An appointed contact person surrounded by a team of specialists
  • Worry-free personnel management and pay calculation
  • A global approach to well-being, prevention and protection at work
  • Professional HR coaching and training
  • 24/24 and 7/7 access to the Securex portal offering a wealth of information and practical tools  adapted to your business and your sector
  •  User-friendly software packages that simplify your administration
  • A trusted local partner for HR, with sector-based focus


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