Business growth

With all the success raining down on you, things are getting busy. There are opportunities you want to take advantage of. Your business clearly needs to expand. But how will you best incorporate the opportunities resulting from business growth? Maybe you need to hire staff? Or it might be time to make your business your main activity. Perhaps the idea of reduced taxes appeals to you? Find out what suits you best.

From subsidiary to main activity

You started it as a subsidiary activity. With your current business growth, you want to turn it into your main activity. Find out exactly what’s involved and let us do what’s needed. Just get in touch with the Securex Business Counter.

Business growth: become an employer

You’re definitely ready to make the most of your business growth. The orders are stacking up and your client base is expanding. It’s a clear sign that you could benefit from recruiting employees. The biggest benefit? The enormous amount of time it will save you. You can rely on Securex to help you through the different obligations you’ll need to fulfil:

  • Before recruitment: We help you to write an accurate function description and select and recruit the right candidates.
  • During recruitment: We take care of the administrative and legal obligations for you.
  • After the recruitment: We help with the staff management tasks, from payroll to training.

Just give us a call to find out how Securex can help you take your first steps as a future employer.

From one-man business to corporate company

Being your own boss is great. But there are certain things you might find equally enjoyable: reduced taxes for example. Or extra financial security. When your business growth allows your one-man business to become a corporate company, it opens the door to still more important benefits:

  • Fiscal advantages: You reduce the fiscal pressure on your private assets and enjoy certain tax benefits. You can decide about what will happen with profits. You can even pay yourself a wage.
  • Legal advantages: You make a clear separation between your private assets and those of your company.
  • Economic advantages: You’re able to call on third parties to help you with further investments. Banks are more likely to loan money to a trading company with a clearer financial structure in place.

At Securex, we know that when you start growing, good advice is crucial. Administration can’t be allowed to hold you up. With our help and guidance, you’ll be sure to find the solution that is of most benefit for you. Feel free  to contact us.