Doing business in Belgium

Do you want to start your own business in Belgium? Or have you already established a company here? Maybe you’re taking your  first steps. And perhaps you’re ready to start employing personnel. But whichever steps you are considering, when you do business in Belgium, you need to have a strong and reliable partner by your side. Securex has the insight and the experience to guide you through the difficulties and on towards your goals. Securex is your single point of contact. We offer personal guidance and services that smooth the administrative speed bumps. We keep you moving on your path to success.

Doing business in Belgium - Starting

You want to do business in Belgium. It’s time to gather information and organise the start up. This means you’ll soon have to cope with complicated legal requirements and intricate administrative tasks. And all while you’re busy trying to establish your clientele and keep your business afloat! With the help from Securex, you’ll know exactly what you need to do, and why, where, when and how to do it.


It’s not just about doing business in Belgium. It’s about achieving success. And once  you have it? It’s time to let your business grow. Whether this means changing your legal form or employing (extra) staff, Securex is by your side every step of the way. We help remove the issues to make sure your business exceeds your goals.

Stopping your business

If it’s a difficult decision to start your business, it’s even more difficult when you decide to stop. And with legal requirements, deadlines and potential fines accompanying the final business closure, it’s always good to know you can rely on Securex to guide you through the processes and into your future.

  • Legal formalities and administration
  • What about my staff members?
  • More info

There will always be ups and downs when doing business. But one thing is certain. Securex will be there, by your side, with advice and insight, from the very first step to whatever your destination may be. Contact us now!