Large company

Don’t leave anything to chance

People are important.  And you know this better than anyone else!  It’s the reason why Securex chose Human Capital Matters as a baseline.  We are totally convinced that the success of any enterprise begins with the way in which it manages its human capital, whether attracting employees, paying attention and listening to them, or helping them and allowing them to evolve. 

Experts in every domain

From administrative tasks, to payroll and HR software, from Consultancy to Health and Safety, we have specialists in every area, all under the one roof.  With this wide range of services, we can offer you global assistance as a unique HR partner, as well as specific solutions to your specific problems.  And we do this for long-term projects as well as assignments where timing is a key factor.  

Our services in a nutshell

For large companies, we offer an extensive range of services and products.  These are sub-divided into three large areas:   HR Services, HR Consulting and Health & Safety.

HR Services

Securex is more than a Social Secretary.  We are your One-Stop Shop for everything to do with payroll and staff management.  This is how we work with you to bring your HR policy to the highest level. 

For some complex or specialised questions relating to HR, you need more support.  And there is nobody better to turn to than the Securex Expert Consultants.  This team of specialists offers ready answers for the most difficult HR questions. 

HR Consulting

For the recruitment and selection of new staff members, the development of their talents, the guidance with their career evolution or the conclusion of the working relationship, you can always call on one of our experienced consultants. 

If you would like insight into the honest perceptions and views of staff members in your company, you can benefit from our HR Surveys.  Or if you have a more strategic HR project in the pipeline, you can turn to us for expert guidance.  

We know there are times when you need temporary support.  And sometimes, you need permanent support.  This is why we provide our payroll specialists, experts who help your company in times of need.  They take over tasks ordinarily performed by your payroll staff members. 

Health & Safety

As an employer, you want dynamic, motivated and engaged staff members who feel comfortable at work.  This is simply logical.  Securex develops a unique model for the employability of your staff members.  Our External Service for Prevention and Protection forms the foundations for the improvement of the health, safety and well-being of your staff members.  But we don’t stop there!  Our integral health policy, absence policy and extensive programme of training courses, are also part of the services we offer for a total Health & Safety solution.