Large companies

Legal consulting

You have a bookcase filled with books on Belgian labour legislation. And the legislators aren’t finished yet: almost daily there are new laws, decrees, decisions and guidelines that appear.  All of which you need to take into account.  While your own situation is also constantly changing.

The Securex Expert Consultants help you to ensure your payroll and employment dossier fully conforms to the law. So that you are able to avoid fines and benefit from maximum subsidies.

Regularisation and optimisation of your labour files

Contact our legal experts for:

  • Socio-legal audits, and advice.
  • Analysis of your employment dossier:
    • socio-economic and sectorial context;
    • organisation of working times;
    • internal regulations, such as labour regulations, car fleet, Internet and mobile phone use, social media, etc.;
    • exceptional statutes for employees;
    • workplace agreements;
    • extra-legal benefits. 
  • Training of your legal team.