Large companies

Measuring and reporting your HR events

If you don't measure it, you don't know it. And this is definitely the case in HR. Exactly how much does a day's absence cost? Would you like to know whether your fleet of cars has become cheaper or more expensive this year? And is it possible for you to make up arrears through overtime? Your gut feeling is worthless when you need to make strategic decisions.

Our consultants bring the state of your HR policy sharply into focus. With figures, graphs and conclusions which leave you certain about exactly where you stand.

Thorough analysis and reporting

Securex looks proactively at a whole series of HR Key Performance Indicators, such as absenteeism, development and workplace accidents. We also shine the light on different aspects of your HR processes: staff costs, mobile phone and vehicle use, performance, overtime, the training courses followed, etc.

With these details, we go to work. We provide you with:

  • periodic reports for staff and HR management;
  • tailor-made reports that meet your wishes.

Five benefits of Securex Professional Reporting

The Securex reports are much more than a collection of tables and graphs. They are crucial for anyone who wants to develop a strong, strategic HR policy:

  • Great detail – Every analysis includes all the necessary parameters for salaries, education, etc.
  • Fast reaction times – You receive your reports with lightning speed and can immediately make adjustments where they are necessary.
  • Deep insight – Goodbye gut feeling! From now on, you know exactly where your HR budget is going, right down to the euro cent.
  • Forward thinking – Your reports are crucial management tools that allow for multi-year projections for staff costs, social-security contributions, etc.
  • Benchmark – You can easily compare your position with other businesses from the same region or sector.