Large companies

HR Coaching

The Securex HR Coach is a senior consultant who helps you with the optimisation of your internal HR processes. They provide best practices and challenge you to question your set routines. And this helps you to strengthen and improve your HR policy, one step at a time.

Step 1: Open discussion

At the start of your collaboration, you and your HR Coach have an exploratory discussion. In it, the coach gauges your targets and needs, analysing your current processes and offering advice.

At the conclusion of the conversation, you decide to which extent and in which area you wish to call on the HR Coach.

Step 2: In-depth coaching

Your HR Coach is your confidant and your advisor. Supporting you in strategic decisions in all HR matters, he provides you with a series of useful resources.

Your HR Coach helps you with choices in subjects such as:

  • Soft HR: welcome and induction procedures for new staff members, recruiting, selection, competence management, performance management, rewards, training and development, etc.
  • Hard HR: legal issues, cross-border employment, staff administration and payroll, compensation and benefits, etc.