Large companies

Payroll without the headaches

Payroll administration is a time-consuming process where errors and mistakes are just waiting to happen. Securex makes this complex task easy. Thanks to our experience, and the support of our ground-breaking tools, your payroll administration will run quickly and flawlessly. 

All basic payroll tasks

At Securex, you will find convenient services for all your basic payroll tasks: 

  • Staff administration: flawless development and processing of DIMONA Declarations, information pages, advance-payment arrangements, etc.  
  • Payroll processes: timely, accurate and flawless calculations for the wages of your staff members, with extensive automatic and manual quality-control.
  • Timesheet management: detailed and automated management of the hours worked by employees, based on specific rosters, vacation time and public holidays, etc.
  • Required declarations: correct development of payroll notifications, tax declarations and the posting of all appropriate information about your staff members. 

Supported by a strong team

At Securex, you only need to be in touch with one contact person: your Client Advisor. Because your Client Advisor guarantees the correct and accurate handling of your entire dossier. And is there to answer all your questions about payroll and wage calculations, administration and all staffing matters. 

What if your question doesn’t enter into your Client Advisor’s area of expertise? Don’t worry!  Your Client Advisor will seek help internally, with the most appropriate expert. 

Ground-breaking HR software

The smooth transfer of details is crucial for your payroll administration to run correctly. And for this reason, we don’t leave anything to chance.  

  • HROnline is our ground-breaking software programme. It performs a double role. It is a means of communication between our HR Department and our specialists, as well as an online platform which you are able to use to look up every detail relating to your payroll and staff management. With HROnline you manage every element of your payroll and staff management. And what’s more, it can be supplemented with a number of different models, from Talent to ESS/MSS and everything in-between. Find out about the advantages and possibilities of HROnline
  • Isypass makes it easy to decentralise the input of staff details and information. Whether staff members are active on different sites or at different franchises, their personnel files are perfectly up-to-date at all times. And this means their wages can be calculated with the accuracy you are looking for.Find out about Isypass in more detail