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Legal Packages: all your answers in one bundle

Your HR policy is constantly coming into contact with socio-legal rules. And it’s not uncommon for one action to open a completely new can of legal worms. This is why Securex has bundled legal advice and support services into convenient Legal Packages. Every package guides you through a complete HR operation. And this is why we are able to give you an immediate response to every question you might have in relation to a certain area of staff management.

Our all-in packages

Securex gathers knowledge and creates best practices with its legal consultants. We then distribute it all in our Legal Packages.

A few examples of our all-in packages:

  • Social elections Legal Package
    You benefit from full and practical support for the organisation of Social Elections. Our legal team guides you prior to, during and after the elections.
  • Social Audit Legal Package 
    With a checklist, you find out which requirements you need to comply with and check immediately whether you do or not. The checklist on your social documents forms the basis for a legal check-up which lasts approximately two hours.
  • Time Credit Legal Package 
    Our legal team calculates how many people in your company are able to take time-credit at once and when they are able to do so. This enables you to answer the requests from your employees correctly.
  • Salary optimisation Legal Package
    Based on a thorough list of questions delving into diverse elements of salaries and related costs, you specify what type of support you would contact the Securex specialists for.  Or whether you can go to work with standard documents, whether you need to supplement them with further legal advice, or whether we should make a tailor-made package to ensure your needs are fulfilled.

Choose your Legal Package

With the Securex Legal Packages, you can rely on efficient, targeted service from an experienced legal team. Interested? Contact Securex and choose the all-in formula which suits you best.