Large companies

Are your social documents correct?

Are you expecting an inspection? Is your company on the verge of acquisition, merger or sale? Would you like to know for sure that everything is completely in order? Are you afraid you might not meet all the requirements? Would you like to know the risks this entails and which sanctions you are potentially open to?  

(Step 1:) Check-up on your company

Prevention is better than a cure. An on-site check-up by a legal advisor/consultant shows you where the gaps and risks lie. And which documents and agreements require urgent attention. And exactly which fines you can avoid through pro-active action. 

Based on a checklist, the legal advisor/consultant will run through which obligations you fulfil as an employer. You are informed about the most important requirements you do not yet meet, and which sanctions you may face as a result. 

Furthermore, you will be offered a series of recommendations.  

How does this actually happen? By making contact with your legal advisor/consultant and by fixing an appointment for the mini-audit (which lasts approximately 2 hours). 

(Step 2:) Thorough analysis of your HR policy

Following the check-up, if you are in need of a full analysis and guidance, various tailor-made measures can be performed to bring you full peace of mind (i.e.: documents can be written, schedules and rosters reviewed, reviews of specific charters and regulations, etc.).

For your benefit:

Thanks to this pro-active approach, you do not just meet every social legislation requirement, but will also enjoy a number of other benefits. They include:

  • being prepared for any checks which may be performed;
  • a clearer overview, allowing you to evaluate financial risks;
  • being prepared for an acquisition, sale or merger;
  • the ability to eliminate various legal and financial risks.