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Legal advice from Securex

Would your salary and employment policies stand up to a legal test? Do your labour regulations, salaries, social regulations, contracts and statutes all conform to legal requirements? Because when it comes to legal requirements, you need to know you're in the clear.

Securex guides you through the complex socio-legal landscape to provide you with clear knowledge and complete peace of mind.

A reliable, legal basis

A good HR policy is built on strong legal foundations. And these foundations are best laid in collaboration with the Securex Legal Consultants.

  • With extensive practical experience in different business sectors, they know social and sectorial laws and regulations to a tee.
  • They support your trusted Client Advisor and ensure their knowledge is suited to your situation by familiarising themselves the facts and figures from your file.
  • They analyse extensive wage and employment details from A to Z, fine-tuning their knowledge with sectorial context and legal obligations.

Five Legal Services

Every business is different. And so there are also different rules and requirements.This is why Securex provides tailor-made legal solutions:

  • Advice and support– Clear and personalised answers to your legal questions, supplemented with practical services from the development of contracts to guidance with social inspections.
  • Audit and optimisation – By screening your company, based on legislation and collective labour agreements for the sector, we are able to see exactly where you stand, legally speaking. And if something doesn’t look quite right? Then our consultants will immediately offer targeted solutions.
  • Simulations – Calculations on in natura benefits, loans, incomes from rent and leases, time-credits, salary costs and severance payments and benefits.
  • Legal training – Socio-legal training courses from a basic introduction to social legislation to specific courses on dismissal rights.
  • Packages – Bundles of legal services based on payroll and salaries, social elections or social audits.

Practical legal database

Securex bundles the most pertinent legal information and the experience of its Legal Consultants into an online database: Lex4you. This is where you will quickly and easily find readily-usable information:

  • an overview of the socio-legal realities since 2003;
  • important addresses and links;
  • information on social and tax-related legislation, support mechanisms and employment agreements;
  • information on the salaries and pay-rates for your joint committee;
  • standard documents, such as letters, contracts and forms.


Would you like to know more?  With HROnline, it is all too easy to contact your Client Advisor and the Legal Consultants and Advisors.