Large companies

Advice on cross-border employment

Are your employees regularly going back and forth across national borders?  We know what an administrative nightmare it is...  And that there is a financial opportunity hidden in the extra work.  Because with a clever salary split, you are able to ensure the social and fiscal burdens of your people don’t just decrease, but stay low permanently. 

Call on Securex to optimise your cross-border labour.

Administrative support

Securex is no newcomer to the world of foreign employment.  Every day, we help companies through the administrative mazes established by other governments.  And for this, we turn to our trusted partners in different (neighbouring) countries.  Our own consultants are always kept fully up-to-date of the relevant regulations.

Advice on cross-border employment

Cross-border employment is always full of unique circumstances and considerations.  That’s why we always begin by listening carefully to your plans and ideas.  We go through everything with a fine-toothed comb; your workplace agreements, performance statistics, CLAs, labour regulations and company policies, personnel files and insurance contracts are all examined thoroughly.  And this allows us to apply international requirements too.  So you know for sure that you are getting correct and accurate legal advice.

Calculation of the optimal salary split

A split salary almost always equates to lower taxes.  There is a large amount of complex fiscal, social and labour administration involved and we are happy to take it off your hands.  And this allows you to ensure your staff member receives a higher net wage – even without a salary raise.