Large companies

Extensive insurance for your staff members

At Securex, you will find a series of clever insurance policies for your personnel. We protect your people against workplace accidents it's a legal obligation for you to have this insurance. But did you know there is a pay-out limit in the coverage? Did you know you could extend this limit? And have you ever considered group insurance for you personnel?

Workplace accident insurance

Choose the legally-required minimum insurance. Or go for supplementary cover where there is no ceiling on the pay-outs. In either case, you will have thorough advice from our specialists.

Everything you need to know about Securex Workplace Accident Insurance

Group insurance

Give your staff members a fantastic extra-legal bonus: group insurance is fiscally interesting and is highly regarded by your personnel.

Fiscally accepted bonuses

Give your staff members a fiscally-attractive bonus to their wages.  Pay up to 2,430 euro tax-free, and pour the leftovers into group insurance. It makes you a far more attractive employer.

Everything you ever need to know about the Securex insurance bonus