Large companies

Digital payment advice slips and invoices

We consider paper administration to be a thing of the past – especially when it comes to staff and personnel. It’s why we enjoy working with Zoomit and Basware, two indispensable resources for digital communication.

Digital payment advice slips and invoices

Paper becomes redundant. Very soon, your staff members will stop receiving classic payment-advice slips in their letter boxes, and will instead have e-mails with the relevant information. And with a link to an online archive where all their salary documents are stored. That is surely much simpler for everyone!

Links with online banking

Have you received a digital invoice? Do you need to pay the wages? Do you need to make your loan payments? Because Zoomit will automatically make the connection to your banking software. You can make your payments with just a few clicks of the mouse. And an enormous saving in time.

Through Basware, you collect your invoices in your own Basware mailbox, where you can keep these with your other HR documents.

Benefits for employers and employees

It's clear that you, as an employer, benefit from paper-free technology: you save on paper and stamps, avoid errors and no longer run the risk of losing documentation. But your employees benefit too: they always have their documents on-hand, without having to store them - or find them - in paper archives themselves.