Large companies

Simulate salary costs online

Calculating the total salary costs of an employee? It&r's no simple task! You need to take into account dozens of sector-specific rules and exceptions for various professional categories. And the legislation is constantly changing. Our online calculation for salary costs simplifies the work. You just need to fill in the basic information and you will receive a correct end-result with just one click of the mouse.

Accurate simulation

Our calculator accurately applies all the legal provisions. It takes several different factors into account: 

  • different rules for more than 250 different employment sectors;
  • meal cheques, group insurance, External Service for Prevention and Protection, etc.;
  • reductions for specific target groups such as first recruitments, young employees, long-term unemployed and older employees.

We keep the calculator up-to-date all the time. Which means you have access to the correct information any and every time.