Large companies

HR Signals: automatic HR benchmarks

When making strategic HR decisions, you don’t want to rely on gut feelings. You want figures and statistics which reveal the benefits for your company. And you want to know your position against your competitors as accurately as possible. And this means knowing exactly where and how to make changes. HR Signals is the HR barometer you need.

Automatic evaluation

HR Signals provides an objective report of your company from information in your personnel files. You receive a score based on five fundamental HR indicators:

  • Absenteeism – How many days were lost through sickness or accidents occurring outside the workplace?
  • Safety – How many days were not worked due to workplace accidents?
  • Staff turnover – What percentage of your personnel left your company in the last period?
  • Seniority – On average, how long do your staff members stay with your company?
  • Age – What is the average age of your employees?

Comparable results

We compare your figures with the scores of other companies inside and outside your sector. These benchmark details come from our broad client file anonymously, of course.  

HR Signals does not just provide you with a table of figures. We translate it directly into graphs which make the trends and evolutions clear. So you can see whether you perform better than the rest of the market.

The perfect basis for your policy decisions

The benefit of HR Signals? You receive all the information you need without having to wait even a minute. And without having to approach an expensive research service. With just one click of the mouse, you have a quarterly overview on your screen. Free, and based on genuine results. No better basis for your HR policy! 

Would you like to receive advice with the interpretation of your figures? Or would you like to undertake a particular action and need an expert with extensive experience in a specific HR domain to help you out? It looks like it’s time to contact Securex.