Large companies

Convenient, time-saving online resources

HR comes with a lot of figures and paperwork. And that is something we can’t change. There are of course things we can do… Securex makes the work easier and simpler. With our calculators and tools, you spend less time between tasks and keep more room for genuinely important HR assignments.

Automatic benchmark

Do you have a little or a lot of absenteeism?  Is it actually safe working at your site? And how do you cope with aged workers and age differences in the workplace? Securex compares your score with those from other companies in your sector. And this shows you exactly where you can improve.

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Digital documents and communication

The HR paper-mountain in Belgium is no laughing matter. Finding the exact document you are looking for? It’s only possible with an infallible system. And this is why Securex ensures all your pay advice letters, attests and overviews are available online. Nicely arranged and without dog-ears. 

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Would you like to cut down on your paper use? Make your pay advice letters and invoices completely digital. It’s time to get to know Zoomit and Certipost

Calculators and simulators

You regularly need to perform similar, complex calculations.  And we are able to simplify these for you too.  Using our calculators and simulators, you only need to fill in the basic details. The advanced calculation machines do the rest.