Large companies

Outsourcing for the short and long-term

You don’t need to perform every HR task yourself. Often, it’s cheaper and wiser to call on an external expert. Someone who is available for very specific tasks, ready to provide assistance in the short or the long-term. You can even outsource your entire personnel department to Securex! 

  • OutsouHRce: your HR department develops with you
    Is your company growing? Are you heading into new territory? Changing your activities? Because your HR Department needs to go down these roads with you. Repeatedly having to find the right people at the last second is not an easy job to do. Which is why you should put your faith in Securex OutsouHRce
  • HR outsourcing: bring some knowledge and manpower into your business
    Outsourcing is the ideal strategy to ensure your HR team is ready for any challenge they come across. Especially if temporary absences are proving to be a problem. Or when you suddenly find yourself struggling with an increased workload or specialised files. Put a Securex expert on the cards

Flexible collaboration

Make the most of our Securex specialists, whether it’s to replace a temporarily absent staff member, or to perform a specific project. You can also take our experts on for the long-term. And if it suits you better, you can choose to put them on for a certain number of days per week. This is the kind of flexibility you don’t have if all your tasks are performed by your own workers.