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High Quality Child Benefit Fund

You must subscribe to a child benefit fund as soon as you employ people. Securex Child Benefit Fund is reliable, transparent and accurate a partner able to meet your needs. Our service is quick and free from errors exactly what you should expect from your child benefit fund.

Four reasons to choose the Securex Child Benefit Fund

  • Lightning fast service - One short visit is enough to bring your entire file into line. We are proactive in collecting details and using them to answer all administrative questions, all without bothering you.
  • Faultless calculations - We take all new rules into account when calculating your Child Benefit payments.
  • Answers to questions - Your payroll team can make direct contact with our specialists for concrete answers to their questions. And we are always more than happy to speak to your staff members too.
  • Personal contact - Your Client Advisor is your first point of contact, for your child benefit questions too. Would you like to drop by our office? You can do that in Mons, Liège, Brussels, Ghent, Kortrijk and Aalst.

More information about Child Benefit Funds

Child benefits are a complex socio-legal matter. Our experts follow all evolutions closely and give accurate answers to all your questions.

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