Large companies

All your payroll and personnel needs under one roof

Securex is more than a Social Secretary.  We are your one-stop shop for everything to do with payroll and staff management.  And we go far beyond the legal minimum requirements.  You also get great advice with us.  And useful resources to simplify your own tasks.  This is how we ensure your HR policy is on the highest level. 

Efficient Social Secretary

We have all your legal requirements under control.  Correct payroll calculations and notifications?  Temporary declarations?  Flawless time-registration?  Full personnel files?  All at one address: ours. 

Plus, as a Securex client, you have access to HROnline, our ultra-modern administration tool for payroll and staff management. 

Reliable socio-legal advisor

Administration and registration is not everything.  Sometimes you just have a question.  Or you want to run something by an expert.  Or you just need that extra little confirmation about having made the right decision.  For all this and more, Securex is the source of knowledge you know you can rely on.  Go searching for answers on Lex4You, our social database.  Or ask our experts.

Excellent collaboration

Your range of complex and extensive HR tasks need a tailor-made approach.  That’s why you are assigned a personal Client Advisor.  An expert who discusses the scope of our collaboration with you and puts together the perfect Securex team for you.  Would you like to make any adjustments?  Do you have any questions?  Then you only need to make one telephone call: your Client Advisor will be on the other end of the line.

For every element of your staff administration