Large companies

HRonline Report Designer

Create your HR reports in 4 easy steps

Generating reports in a way that is tailored to your business becomes child's play with HRonline's Report Designer module. In just four easy steps you will be creating easy-reference HR reports customised to suit your business.

Offering a comprehensive range of graphic features, importing and exporting data or having to re-enter those data time and again is now a thing of the past, as HRonline combines source data and extensive reporting features in one and the same tool.

In addition, your reports are available to end users straight away in accordance with the parameters defined by you. This allows you to quickly and easily map out the data that are relevant to your business.

Creating HR reports was never this easy

Creating reports is a cinch in four easy and intuitive steps:

  • select the data
  • set the parameters (time frame, population, etc.)
  • decide the lay-out
  • publish the report

And the report is available straight away to the target group defined by you.

HRonline Report Designer is fully integrated as part of HRonline, which means that, in compiling your reports, you have access to the date of all HRonline modules used by you.

The strong suits of HRonline Report Designer for creating HR reports

  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • 100% integrated as part of HRonline
  • Comprehensive parameterisation options
  • Extensive graphic options
  • Immediate availability of your HR reports