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HRonline Learning

Automating training management from A to Z

Investing in talent development helps your business grow. Which makes a proactive leaning policy the key to success. HRonline's Learning module has all the features you need to support you in achieving that aim.

HRonline Learning enables you to automate, digitise and integrate your training management into your HR policy. Which means less administration, a reduced error rate and major time savings. The organisation and evaluation of training courses is made more efficient plus you get to follow up on your training budgets in a transparent manner.


Manage your training courses with a few mouse clicks

The integrated HRonline Learning module automates the entire training management process. All you need to do is to create a training catalogue.

  • From this training catalogue you get to directly assign training courses to your employees.
  • Logging into the ESS/MSS module, employees too get to consult the catalogue.
  • They can enrol online for any given training course or apply for a training course.
  • People managers get to approve training course applications via HRonline ESS/MSS.

HRonline Learning also automates the follow-up of training courses. By way of online evaluations and pertaining reports you monitor the quality of your training courses and take remedial action as and where needed.

Finally, there is even more to be derived from the module if combined with HRonline Competences and HRonline Performance, the other talent modules, to put in place full and integrated talent management.


The strong suits of HRonline Learning for your training management

  • Efficient and transparent organisation, evaluation and follow-up of training courses and training budgets
  • Active involvement of employees and people managers in the training processes through the ESS/MSS module
  • Automatic generation of training information required by law for the social balance sheet and the INFPC return
  • 100% integrated with the basic module of HRonline eXTENDED and the Competences and Performance talent modules
  • Less administration, a reduced error rate and time savings