Large companies

HRonline ESS/MSS

For a more efficient human resources policy and more involved staff

Updating personnel details, entering attendances and absences, organising training courses... The administrative workload of an HR department is not to be sniggered at. Using HRonline's ESS/MSS module enables you to delegate a number of HR duties to staff and people managers.

This means your personnel details are up-to-date faster, you are boosting the achievement of that long-held paperless office aim, you are cutting down on the amount of mail communications and you are freeing up valuable time to spend on the real HR work. Moreover, by involving employees and people managers in your HR processes you are serving proof of the fact that you are running an objective and transparent HR policy. An approach certain to raise your staff's sense of motivation!

The quickest way to an efficient human resources policy

  • Thanks to the ESS/MSS module you also get to grant employees and people managers access to certain functions in HRonline. For instance, you could leave the administration of a number of their personal details up to them, along with their attendances and absences.
  • The ESS/MSS module can be accessed over the Internet any time any place by computer, tablet or smartphone. Your HR department, employees and people managers, as well as your client adviser at Securex: everybody uses the same protected platform and the same database.
  • Every operation performed via HRonline ESS/MSS is immediately visible to all HRonline users. Access rights are governed by a powerful authorisation system.
  • The integrated mail and alert system guarantees efficient collaboration.

The strong suits of HRonline ESS/MSS for your personnel management

  • Fully integrated as part of HRonline
  • Available in the cloud any time any place
  • Increased time and cost efficiency
  • Smooth collaboration by virtue of an integrated mail and alert system and a powerful authorisation system
  • Less mail communications
  • Incentive for paperless office
  • Motivated employees thanks to an objective and transparent HR policy