Large companies

HRonline Basic module

For smooth-paced and accurate personnel & payroll management

The challenges faced by the world of HR today are greater than ever. The bar is set at increasingly higher standards, the pressure of work is constantly mounting and we all need to stay in work for longer. So it is good to know that HRonline eXTENDED's Basic module is on hand to make sure your personnel and payroll administration is conducted more efficiently than ever before.

All features to ensure efficient personnel and payroll management rolled into one

  • A unique mail platform, intelligent wizards and powerful control systems, comprehensive reporting features and a robust document management system combine to ensure the smooth-paced administration of time and attendance, payroll and employee details and employer settings.
  • The ‘Organisation management’ feature maps out the structure of your organisation and handles the orchestration of the authorisations of the various users across all HRonline's functionalities.
  • Your personal client adviser uses the same online platform and the same database. Which means all operations are made to occur in real-time, whereby your client adviser is even able to take over some of your duties if need be.
  • HRonline is directly accessible via Securex's protected customer portal. The portal is available any time any place over the Internet and encompasses a wealth of information, tools and model documents tailored to your sector of trade or industry and your business.
  • The portal also offers a series of handy simulation tools for payroll management, enabling you to calculate gross/net salaries, social security contributions, your wage bill and a lot more besides in double quick time.

Finally, the Basic module is fully integrated as part of HRonline's total solution. This means that all employee details are already in place in every expansion module, and that all changes are rendered immediately visible throughout the suite as a whole.


Strong suits of the HRonline Basic module

  • HRonline is available any time any place over the Internet in real-time.
  • The Basic module is 100% integrated with all other HRonline modules.
  • Both you, your employees and your client adviser use the same user-friendly platform.
  • Unique features guarantee smooth-paced and accurate personnel and payroll management.
  • HRonline brings together source data and powerful reporting features. As such, HRonline eXTENDED's Basic module contains over 70 standard reports.   
  • The Basic module is entirely geared to local regulations and customs, offering practical links for direct access to the Securex portal containing a wealth of information and tools tailored to your business and your sector of trade or industry.
  • Offering 4 language versions, a number of country-specific payroll engines and a global template that allows you to interface with every payroll engine in every country, HRonline's Basic module is also a fully-fledged international solution.