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A HR partner for a changing workplace

Human Resources is not a stand-alone discipline. The economic crisis, the ageing workforce, the incoming streams of new generations of young employees, technological innovations… they all have an impact on your HR policy. 

Trends: The HR world is changing

Securex has its finger on the pulse; we ceaselessly study and evaluate trends relating to staffing. We integrate these in our products and services. And this is how we are able to take into account:

  • the ‘War for Talent’ – for both, recruiting and retention;
  • technological innovation– such as new tools and models, better measurement techniques;
  • applied outsourcing and globalising – not just production that has been moved to a different location;
  • The New Work method – are your employees ready for it?  

Our vision on HR

Employees are no longer a homogenous group.  Every individual has their own preferences and ambitions. As such, we are able to move the focus from the group and onto the individual. Our role as HR managers also changes. It has a more strategic function, often tied in with an international dimension. 

Securex helps you to develop a modern and decisive HR policy.