Large companies

Unbeatable HR Services for large companies

Securex is the largest and most experienced service-provider in Belgium. We offer a variety of solutions to create a simpler and better HR policy, using activities that are fine-tuned to the needs of your internal staff members. Or we come to your site to help strengthen your team. You choose how far you want to go with us.

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Services and advice for payroll and staff-management.

The cornerstone of a powerful HR policy? Flawless and versatile payroll administration, which meets every legal obligation. But with Securex you get much more than just that. We also help you to make smart and strategic HR choices every time: 

  • Insurance: Choose a full workplace-accident and group insurance policy. 
  • HR Outsourcing: Get the Securex specialists on board for your HR requirements.
  • International advice: Advice and answers for any cross-border employment questions you might have.
  • Legal advice: Trust our legal audits, training courses and simulations.
  • Administration tools: Save time, thanks to our convenient online resources.
  • Payroll: Make the most of our professional payroll management via powerful software.
  • Child benefit fund: Ensure your legally-required child benefits are completely in order.

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Services and advice in complex HR matters

Some HR questions are best looked at by specialists. Securex is happy to supply an experienced HR expert with extensive knowledge for your specific question. We help you in these areas: 

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The only HR service provider you need

Securex performs as an External Prevention Service and HR consultant. This means the answers to all your HR needs are under one roof.  Furthermore, we share information about your company internally. This simplifies your administration and means we don’t need to take up your time asking for extra information. And this leaves you in peace and quiet, with the time to concentrate on keeping your company moving ahead.