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Our vision on HR: working is living

At Securex, we steadfastly believe that working and living are not separate activities.  Working is living.  So it’s logical that people are also looking for an extra dimension to their jobs.  For something that inspires them, gives meaning and makes them happy.  That is our vision on HR.

Four guiding principles

Our vision is not just an empty slogan.  On the contrary, all our models, tools, processes, products and projects follow four important principles that have a direct connection with this vision.  Internally, these principles are the rule of thumb for our working methods.

  1. Co-creation
    There is no single process that is the work of one person alone.  The collaboration between various parties leads to a suitable approach to complex challenges.  One such approach has, above all, a broader base and more chances of success when put into practice.
    We reach this level of co-creation via an authentic and respectful long-term interaction between all the parties involved: staff members, clients, freelancers, etc.
  2.  Valuing unique contributions
    People are more than just their job descriptions.  Do we want to allow every staff member to do justice to their abilities?  Than we need to take into account every aspect of their person: knowledge and experience, skills, values and beliefs, motivation and mission and their learning abilities, resilience and flexibility.
    In all our processes and structures, we aim for a targeted use of people so they can contribute to the best of their potential.
  3. Growth and evolution
    An ideal organisation gives its staff members every opportunity to grow and change.  Because this evolution gives sense and meaning to their lives.
    This is why we challenge ourselves and our clients incessantly to respond to the urge for change and the need to grow. 
  4. Ownership
    Responsibility is an unusually powerful internal motivator.  Staff members who feel like the owners of their tasks and their projects feel much more closely involved with the organisation and its targets.  This leads to higher productivity, and at the same time, greater satisfaction.

Experience our vision in practice

Are you curious about how we turn this view on HR into a reality?  Make sure to contact us and find out!