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Securex survey: are your staff members employable?

How can you make sure your staff members are “able” and “willing” to work longer? Securex meets these questions through means of its Employability model.

Sustainable employability within your company

We sound two essential components: “ability” and “agility”. These two components are inextricably related to one another and form the fundamental basis for the individual willingness to work longer.

The model examines each component from two angles: 1) the individual employability and 2) the policy of the company occupying the worker.

  • Ability: refers to the physical and mental health of the staff members
    • Physical health: Do workers feel mentally and physically able to continue working until the retirement age? Do the physical work and life conditions enable the worker to go on working, even at a later stadium in life?
    • Mental health: Do workers feel themselves mentally capable of pursuing their job until the retirement age? Does the organization support this feeling through an active policy?


  •  Agilityis an interaction between “commitment”, “talent development” and “resilience”:
    • Commitment: Do the workers feel involved in their work? Does the organization take action to maintain and enhance the level of commitment?
    • Talent development: Do workers feel properly employed for their talents and stronger points? Are your workers resilient enough to take initiative when they feel their commitment is weakening and/or their talent is insufficiently made use of?
    • Resilience: can workers cope with change and innovation? And do they dare to seize opportunities?

Besides this, we also measure the sustainable employability of your staff members. Do they feel fit to remain active on the labour market for a long time and are they also ready to do so?


This model shows which factors result in workers being able and willing to work longer, in short, to be employable on a sustainable basis.

After our survey and research work is completed, you can rely on our consultants for strategic and supportive strategic advice. They clarify the figures and tables and give clues on how to maintain or enhance the sustainable employability of your workers.